Human rights have been expressed as the inalienable rights of humans all over the world. Under this, the protection and preservation of human rights is a duty that should be steadfastly performed by Countries all over the world. Nigeria is not left out in the performance of its duty to uphold the human rights of its citizens. In the discharge of her solemn duty to preserve the human rights of her citizens,

Section 33 to Section 44 of the 1999 Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended provides for the protection of the human rights of Nigerian citizens…

The organizational structure of rotation of power in Enugu State has over the years ensured a smooth transition of power, adequate representation of the masses, taking the minority into the same consideration according to the majority. It has gone beyond democracy to accommodate the people.

Democracy is seen as a system of government, in which the ultimate political authority is vested in the people, based on the majority rule, with the rights of the minority protected. The dictionary defines it as the ‘government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by…

According to the IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance, internally generated revenue (IGR) is revenue generated by local governments within their jurisdiction. The ability of local governments to make money internally is one of the most important considerations in forming a local council. Note These imports from various sources within the territory are PAYE, road taxes, direct valuations, fines, licenses, investments and include taxes such as royalties and fees for government assets. Internally generated imports (IGRs) are primarily generated income within the Federation of Nigeria, regardless of the share of income earned in the federation’s account.

The economic struggle continued…

Written by Prince Ejeh Josh

The timeless expression that no nation or state has ever achieved virtuosic and remarkable feats without the strenuous efforts of some dedicated, selfless, and goal-driven legends who took upon themselves, the pains and inconveniences associated with the development and holistic transformation of their society is only reiterative, indisputable, immutable and at the risk of repeating the known.

Within the microcosm of their historical epoch, these selfless leaders saw the alleviation of their people’s plights as the ultimate sacrifice and price to be borne by them by all means.

This set of pathfinders are, however, rare…

Written by Ekene Odigwe

The future, they say, belongs to the youth, hence the saying that young people are the leaders of tomorrow.

With the above quote, how prepared is the future of Enugu state?

Enugu state has a youthful population “Enugu State had a population of 3,267,837 people at the census held in 2006 (estimated at over 3.8 million in 2012, 4.4 million in 2016)”, this is due to factors like high and rising number of tertiary institutions, a relatively active entertainment scene and seeming scenes of a progressive but affordable city.

Bearing in mind the available statistics, one…

Written by Adekunle Elemo

Predicting the top Nigerian cities when the startup blink website releases its annual list ranking the top startup cities in the world is one of my favorite pastimes and this year, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that Enugu state had climbed into the top five ranked ecosystems in the country.

With this news that Enugu state is now Nigeria’s fifth-ranked startup ecosystem, things are looking up for startups and investors in the Coal city who would rather not have to go all the way to Lagos to find viable investment opportunities.

It is a…

Written by Ekene Odigwe

Ugwuanyi inaugurates Advisory Committee on Community Policing

In Nigeria, the prevalence of crime remains a worrisome issue just like in most parts of the world.

Crime is a threat to the public safety, growth and development of a nation. Crime rates vary in different places, and the mechanisms put in place to check the trend and incidence also vary.

The Nigerian Police Force is saddled with the responsibility to combat crime, along with other law enforcement agents established by the law to carry out similar duties in different capacities.

However, with the increase in crime in different communities within Enugu and considering the…

Written by Emmanuel Ezema

According to the 2019 annual state viability index released in July of 2020, Enugu state was listed among the six states in Nigeria that can survive off its internally generated revenue, without depending on federal allocation.

Enugu generated N31 billion compared to the Federal Account Allocation of N103 billion representing 29%. This reflects greatly on the present governor of the state, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Enugu State has witnessed growth in different sectors and we will focus specifically on its economy in recent times.

Lately, economies around the world have faced hard times which were heightened by the…

Written by Sedo Elijah Ebinne

Aerial View of Liberty Estate

“Lining the edges of the ESBS bus stop are sounds normal to everyone watching- school children rushing to go to class, bus drivers and their conductors speeding on the nary road as if they built the tarmac, petite hawkers selling edibles of colorful wraps, Gala and assortment of soft drinks to nosh on the way to the other side of town.

But what excites me the most is the company of white-painted, articulately crafted houses that sit on the side of the road like Indian bridal decorations. All over this city, this land of coal…

Written by Prince Ejeh Josh

Enugu Governors Across the Decades

Nigeria’s political atmosphere is already heating up. Camps are pitching tents. Consultations from the North to the South, and from the East to the West are already gaining momentum across the Niger.

Symposia, birthday parties, lectures, titles, etc., are all being held and taken from different political bigwigs from distinct ethnic groups.

Frantic attempts to exchange handshakes across the Niger are ongoing.

All these gestures, we were told, were being bankrolled by political allies. …

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